Feels followed by the looks

Bram Vanhaeren(31)

?¡Hola! — Looks Good Feels Good™ is my new digital home since 2020, where I will share all the feels & looks!

I write this during my escape in Malaga, Spain. Riding my bike up the Puerto de Léon over 8 times in solitude. An attempt to get my act together, find new perspectives. 

I love good looking things. How a single colour painting can enlighten a space. Photographs from the places I go — without people. Just the environment, so I can envision the people I care about within. I love typography, how it elevates meaning. I love unfinished work. I love running. I used to run with my two brothers since the age of 5. I love watching my plants grow. I love cycling, in solitude or with friends. — I love traditional tattoos with a touch of wackiness. A reminder of the precious time we have and not to take it too seriously. 

?‍?I have worked for banks (over 7 years), in a pursuit to predict trends & enhance digital customer satisfaction for online banking & beyond as a design lead. Honoured to be part of creating multi-award-winning applications as a lead designer & art director at KBC (2016-2017) & Belfius (2018-2019) - Best banking apps in the world (SIA partners).

Selected as one of the most creative under 25 globally by Adobe in 2014. Today I have the privilege to work with Iconic brands on colourful & energetic projects. 

Today, on my 31st birthday I take a leap of faith & be a digital artist. All-day, every day!


?Let's be friends via @BramVanhaeren on Instagram, LinkedIn, Béhance network or ? send an email via [email protected]  


?Selected clients

Adobe, Rolling Stone Magazine, Fast Company, Cubanisto, Nike, Pro.Direct, Estrella Damm, ESPN Magazine, Bleacher Report, Entertainment Weekly, Sportsnet Magazine, BBC, Deadline Hollywood, Corona, Future publishing, Imagine publishing, Globalish & many more.

?Honourable mention

Selected artist Adobe Photoshop 25 under 25, Globally
#53 Featured projects on the Béhance network
Best mobile banking application KBC Mobile (2016—2018)
Best mobile banking application Belfius Mobile (2018—2019)

?Conference talks

Cloud Studio (Belgium), House of Corona (Belgium), Movify (Belgium) OFFF Barcelona (Spain), Jaar van de Aap (Belgium), VIGC Adobe user group (Belgium), StoryMe (Belgium), Adobe MAX 2016 (San Diego), OFFF By Night (Belgium), OFFF 2017 Barcelona (Spain), House Of Innovation (Belgium), Pixels Festival (Belgium), OFFF 2016 (Spain), Adobe MAX 2015 (Los Angeles)


In A State of Flux (Aloft), #PS25Under25, Adobe MAX, Ieder zenne meug, Markt van morgen, The Swan market, 5 Years Aloft, Beurs Ondernemen (Brussels Expo), Baetulona 100 Years, Episodes & Exposé (Designers against child slavery)



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