Create colourful & energetic portraits
in Adobe Illustrator

Looking to enhance your pencil tool drawing technique? Stuck using traditional colour swatches? Learn how to create a colourful & energetic portrait in Adobe illustrator today.


Join me, as I will reveal my personal drawing techniques & how I give a twist towards traditional colour swatches using my own "Kleurstaal". The key lessons of this class are:

  • 5 key elements to look for in search of the perfect image
  • Setup Adobe illustrator for efficiency
  • Use the pen tool to outline your images
  • Use the shape builder tool to speed up your work
  • Create your unique kleurstaal & apply to your illustration
  • Apply energetic colours to illustration

Discover new techniques to improve your own illustrations & explore new colouring approaches to boost your illustrations. I sincerely hope I can inspire you to experiment & enjoy the creative process.