Follow Cel

The year 2055 — Blaring noise with piercing light. It has been years since Cel saw a portal. Years of regret. The opportunity is coming again. It is time. Follow Cel.


Project details

Follow Cel is an Illustration, none-generative art collection, created by Bram Vanhaeren. Follow @Bramvanhaeren on Twitter to stay up to date.

A total of 56 original Cel portraits will be released in small batches. Once all original Cel's are revealed. The first portal will occur soon after with new Mec appearances. Follow Cel's mission to spot Mec's before it's too late!✨


Explore Follow Cel to get to know the main characters of our journey. Besides the original portraits, Cel Fiction will open up. A collection dedicated to celebrate & surprise Follow Cel owners on their journey.

All owners of Orignal "Follow Cel" NFT's, will get whitelisted to collaborations, get monthly surprise drops & possibly discounts.


September 2021: Create the most beautiful Cel portraits to release 55 unique Cel illustrations in batches of 10. 

Next to 50 Original Cel portraits, a total of 5 Custom Cel illustrations will be raffled among holders. Each raffle will occur within 3 days after listing a batch (1st when 10 are listed, 2e when 20 are listed, 3th when 30 are listed, 4th when 40 are listed & final raffle when all 50 Cel portraits are listed)

October 2021: New Epic Cel's available by combining 2 original Cel's! (A Cel can only be combined once & you keep the original Cel)
Introduction of a new dimension with mystic Mec appearances. Locate all Mec's to unlock 1/1 unique Mec. Cel 00 is introduced to even out Epic combinations.

Looking into collaborations with creative friends to create something special for Cel owners on this journey.